Oldie But Goodie

Absorbine Showsheen Hair Polish and Detangler has been in my grooming tote for many, many years and it never fails that I always reach for it. I have tried many substitutes and just keep going back to Showsheen.

It is a multi-purpose grooming tool, you can use it on manes and tails to keep them tangle free and reduce static and fly-aways and you can spray it all over the horse’s body to keep them smooth and sleek. Showsheen also repels dust, dirt and stains which is so useful when you have a predominantly white horse. After a good scrubbing make sure to give the horse’s legs a quick spray and they will stay white for days.

Showsheen can be used daily on your horse, after a bath or rinse give your horse a good all-over spraying and smooth into the coat with your hands or use after a good dry grooming, just finish off with a spray of Showsheen and smooth it into the coat with a soft brush. You can learn more about Showsheen by going to www.absorbine.com and you can purchase Showsheen at your local tack and feed stores and online at www.smartpakequine.com.

From The Saddle Ranking: 4 out of 4 Horseshoes


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