To Bag or Not To Bag

To use a tail bag or not, is always a tough question. Years ago when I was showing like crazy my horses always wore one and I washed, re-braided and put on a clean tail bag at least once a week. But as time went on and I was too busy to be in the barn much, my mom started letting down all the tails and they still stayed long and thick.

So, when I started back in the barn with a new horse I left her tail down and kept it washed, conditioned and tangle free and did not have any problems leaving it out of a tail bag. But, I just sent my horse to a trainer and thought I better put her tail up in a bag to better protect it since I wasn’t going to be with her every day to keep it washed and conditioned.

Needless to say, the tail bag lasted about two days, it was torn and covered in dirt and shavings laying on the floor of her stall in no time. I have never had a tail bag fair so badly but I must say this one by Healthy HairCare was poorly made and not worth spending your money on. I thought the thick nylon was going to be durable but it received a small tear and continued to rip out the whole side of the bag and the velcro did not stick very well which is essential to keeping the bag on a swishing tail. I am now trying a slinky, stretchy tail bag made out of thick swimsuit-like fabric that ties onto the tail and will let you know if it fairs any better.

Pictures of my horse’s tail bag after being worn for two days:



What the tail bag looked like when I bought it:

From The Saddle Ranking: 1 out of 4 Horseshoes:


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  1. Tail bags never last for me, either.

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