Go Horse Show

If you show Quarter Horses, Paints or Appaloosas it is essential you make daily or at least weekly visits to www.gohorseshow.com. It is an amazing website that brings the entire horse show community together in one great forum. Look for great articles on various horse show related topics, interviews with influential trainers and judges, horse show updates, results and pictures as well as news and information from AQHA, APHA, ApHC and NSBA. There are also free classifieds, directories and ads from your favorite horse trainers, breeders and products. The monthly online magazine GoMag is definitely worth looking out, it is full of gorgeous ads from the whose who of the horse show world. If you are actively showing or used to show you will want to bookmark www.gohorseshow.com.



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5 responses to “Go Horse Show

  1. On behalf of all of us at GoHorseShow.com we sincerely appreciate your kind words about our site! You did a great job of explaining who we are and what we do (which is not necessarily an easy thing to put into a nutshell!)

    So thank you, Amanda! Keep up your good work!

    Suzannah Fuhrman

  2. I was really excited to see this link and can’t wait to check it out. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be loading….=( I’ll keep trying, but thanks for posting. Sounds like a great resourse!

  3. clotheshorseok

    I am having trouble with the link too from this blog and also when I try and pull it up from my browser, maybe they are working on the site. I will try later and see if I can get it to work! Sorry for the interruption.

  4. That’s a really great site! Thanks.

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