The Germinator

Okay, so you know you are a horse person when you get way too excited about getting a horse brush in your stocking at Christmas time. I can say that I am a tad bit embarrassed at how excited I was when I pulled a Germinator brush from my stocking courtesy of my husband (who paid attention when I showed him an ad for it in Horse and Rider magazine).

What makes this brush so unique and special is it’s ability to inhibit the growth and transfer of harmful microbes that can cause skin infections. The Germinator’s bristles are antimicrobial so it can safely be used on horse after horse without worrying about passing on any types of skin problems. The Germinator brush makes an excellent finishing brush, it’s bristles are soft and smooth allowing it to bring out a nice sheen on your horse’s coat.

It’s only drawback would be it’s price, at $17.99 it makes it the most expensive brush I own, but if it keeps germs from spreading it can save you a lot when compared to buying fungus shampoos, creams and treatments. It is a must for busy training stables that use the same set of brushes on multiple horses and worth try for any horse owner. Available online at

From The Saddle Ranking: 4 out of 4 Horseshoes:


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  1. I’m a bit suspicious of this one. How does it work? How long does it last? I know I’m cheap, but I’d probably just buy a few sets of brushes and clean them frequently.

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