It’s Cold Out, What Now?

While much of the country remains in old man winter’s icy grip, it sure makes it hard to get motivated to go outside and work with your horse. The AQHA Journal had a great article in this month’s issue that had ideas for groundwork with your horse that can be done in their stall. All the groundwork tips are based on Richard Shrake’s resistance free training and he suggests that before you do any work you should get your horse in the “green light” position by releasing endorphins by using pressure points. These techniques relax your horse and are great to do before riding and work and can also be done in the horse’s stall when it is too cold to work.

Below you can see the chart that points out each pressure point. Gently massage these points to relax your horse and create a bond of trust.

A. In front of withers the direction the hair grows.

B. Top of tail dock in circular motion.

C. Both sides of poll in circular motion.

D. Right above eye in circular motion.

E. Brush back of hand softly over tip of ears.

F. Jowls in circular motion.

G. Gum above front teeth in circular motion.


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