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Sale Sale Sale

According to Punxsutawney Phil (the groundhog who saw his shadow) we have six more weeks of winter and according to the current weather reports I think he may be right! If your horse blankets are looking a little rough for the wear and you are not sure they will make it through the winter or you want to stock up for next year, now is the time! Schneiders, www., is having a huge winter blanket sale.

All their turnout and stable blankets are marked down to great prices. I own a few of their blankets and they are very nice quality, making them truly a steal at these prices. Check them out at and keep your horse warm and cozy!

How to measure your horse to find the perfect size horse blanket:

Make sure your horse is standing squarely. Take a cloth tape measure and start at the center point of your horse’s chest and run the tape measure along the side of it’s body to the center of the horse’s tail. That measurement will correspond to a blanket size. Remember that the blanket should fit snugly to avoid rubbing. FYI This is much easier to do if your horse is tied and you have someone help you hold the tape measure, one at the chest and one at the tail.


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Static Eliminator

Just a quick tip today before the weekend arrives! I picked this up from a magazine and it really, really works! If that familiar crackling, popping sound followed by you and your horse getting shocked by static seems to accompany you ever time you take your horse’s blanket off, try mixing equal parts water and fabric softener in a spray bottle and mist all your blankets with the mixture. Your horse blankets will be static free and smell great.


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The Germinator

Okay, so you know you are a horse person when you get way too excited about getting a horse brush in your stocking at Christmas time. I can say that I am a tad bit embarrassed at how excited I was when I pulled a Germinator brush from my stocking courtesy of my husband (who paid attention when I showed him an ad for it in Horse and Rider magazine).

What makes this brush so unique and special is it’s ability to inhibit the growth and transfer of harmful microbes that can cause skin infections. The Germinator’s bristles are antimicrobial so it can safely be used on horse after horse without worrying about passing on any types of skin problems. The Germinator brush makes an excellent finishing brush, it’s bristles are soft and smooth allowing it to bring out a nice sheen on your horse’s coat.

It’s only drawback would be it’s price, at $17.99 it makes it the most expensive brush I own, but if it keeps germs from spreading it can save you a lot when compared to buying fungus shampoos, creams and treatments. It is a must for busy training stables that use the same set of brushes on multiple horses and worth try for any horse owner. Available online at

From The Saddle Ranking: 4 out of 4 Horseshoes:

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Miracle Cream

Has your horse ever had crusty, scabby, little bumps on their back legs that just won’t seem to go away? This condition is called scratches, a form of dermatitis, which can be caused by a fungus and is hard to get rid. But my mom discovered a “miracle cream” of sorts that amazingly and quickly clears it up as well as working on a wide range of horse dermatitis and fungus problems. Seashore Acres Scratches medication contains anti fungal and antibacterial medicines as well as cortisone cream to help reduce inflammation. It protects the skin from further infection by replacing the skin’s defense system. This little tub full of magic is worth adding to your grooming gear. Available at

From The Saddle Ranking: 4 out of 4 Horseshoes

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To Bag or Not To Bag Continued

As I mentioned in my last post, To Bag or Not To Bag, I was going to try a tie-in tail bag made from thick, stretchy, swimsuit-like fabric. Well, as you can see from the picture it did not fair any better than the Healthy HairCare nylon tail bag. So maybe it is my horse that is exceptionally rough on tail bags and not actually the tail bag itself.


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To Bag or Not To Bag

To use a tail bag or not, is always a tough question. Years ago when I was showing like crazy my horses always wore one and I washed, re-braided and put on a clean tail bag at least once a week. But as time went on and I was too busy to be in the barn much, my mom started letting down all the tails and they still stayed long and thick.

So, when I started back in the barn with a new horse I left her tail down and kept it washed, conditioned and tangle free and did not have any problems leaving it out of a tail bag. But, I just sent my horse to a trainer and thought I better put her tail up in a bag to better protect it since I wasn’t going to be with her every day to keep it washed and conditioned.

Needless to say, the tail bag lasted about two days, it was torn and covered in dirt and shavings laying on the floor of her stall in no time. I have never had a tail bag fair so badly but I must say this one by Healthy HairCare was poorly made and not worth spending your money on. I thought the thick nylon was going to be durable but it received a small tear and continued to rip out the whole side of the bag and the velcro did not stick very well which is essential to keeping the bag on a swishing tail. I am now trying a slinky, stretchy tail bag made out of thick swimsuit-like fabric that ties onto the tail and will let you know if it fairs any better.

Pictures of my horse’s tail bag after being worn for two days:



What the tail bag looked like when I bought it:

From The Saddle Ranking: 1 out of 4 Horseshoes:

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Secret Weapon

I have discovered an amazing product that is primarily for people but it works wonders on horses too. Moroccan Oil has become my secret weapon for making my horses tails super soft and shiny. I first stumbled on this product when my hairdresser kept using it on me every time she cut and colored my hair. It smelled amazing and made my hair soft and shiny without being greasy or heavy. Naturally, my first thought was this stuff would do amazing things to a thick, coarse horse tail.

I bought my first bottle a few months ago and now I won’t wash a tail, mane or even a forelock without using it. Moroccan Oil contains anti-oxidant and vitamin rich Argan Oil (from a tree found in Morocco) that instantly absorbs into the hair and creates softness and shine without leaving a greasy residue. Its strengthens brittle and damaged hair while also increasing elasticity which keeps the hair from breaking when trying to comb out a tangle. You can apply a dime size amount to a wet tail after washing or just apply it dry with your daily grooming. Your horse’s tail will look amazing and since it is non-greasy and absorbs into the hair the dirt does not stick to it. Moroccan Oil is available online at, and at many local salons, click here to find a salon near you.

From The Saddle Ranking: 4 out of 4 Horseshoes


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