The Germinator

Okay, so you know you are a horse person when you get way too excited about getting a horse brush in your stocking at Christmas time. I can say that I am a tad bit embarrassed at how excited I was when I pulled a Germinator brush from my stocking courtesy of my husband (who paid attention when I showed him an ad for it in Horse and Rider magazine).

What makes this brush so unique and special is it’s ability to inhibit the growth and transfer of harmful microbes that can cause skin infections. The Germinator’s bristles are antimicrobial so it can safely be used on horse after horse without worrying about passing on any types of skin problems. The Germinator brush makes an excellent finishing brush, it’s bristles are soft and smooth allowing it to bring out a nice sheen on your horse’s coat.

It’s only drawback would be it’s price, at $17.99 it makes it the most expensive brush I own, but if it keeps germs from spreading it can save you a lot when compared to buying fungus shampoos, creams and treatments. It is a must for busy training stables that use the same set of brushes on multiple horses and worth try for any horse owner. Available online at

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Laugh For The Day

To make it up to you for taking such a long hiatus from blogging I am posting this very funny video that I saw on The Literary Horse (which is a great blog and worth reading). It is called “How To Choose A Human” and it is from the horse’s perspective. Very silly and very cute. Enjoy!


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Back In The Saddle

Sorry for the major lack of recent posts, it has been a bit busy! My husband launched a series of ETF’s (exchange traded funds) and with that came a trip to New York City to ring the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange. Couple that with the holidays, 14 inches of snow (plus the 1/2 inch of ice and 4 inches of snow received over the weekend), below arctic temps and a new horse and my time has been a bit occupied. But I am back to blogging about all my favorite horse products and have lots of new ones to share with you! Stay tuned for some great horse product reviews!

My husband and I ringing the opening bell at the NYSE.

My new horse, Woody B Moxie, a 16’3 hand appendix Quarter Horse.


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Haute Horse

Happy November! The holidays are just around the corner and I am loving these super cute, a bit kitschy holiday themed halters from I know it is a little early to start outfitting your horse in red and green but most of these halters have a lead time of 7-14 days for shipping so now is the time to order yours. Having horses is about having fun and so allow your horse to share in your holiday spirit. Available at

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Poor Horse

I saw this video on Equine Ink’s blog and it was too crazy not to share. I feel so sorry for the horse for putting up with this rider and still doing his job of jumping the fences. I am not sure I have ever seen so bad of a rider take on jumping a full course like this. It is very sad yet quite funny to watch. Enjoy!

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Go Horse Show

If you show Quarter Horses, Paints or Appaloosas it is essential you make daily or at least weekly visits to It is an amazing website that brings the entire horse show community together in one great forum. Look for great articles on various horse show related topics, interviews with influential trainers and judges, horse show updates, results and pictures as well as news and information from AQHA, APHA, ApHC and NSBA. There are also free classifieds, directories and ads from your favorite horse trainers, breeders and products. The monthly online magazine GoMag is definitely worth looking out, it is full of gorgeous ads from the whose who of the horse show world. If you are actively showing or used to show you will want to bookmark


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Silver Lining

As I was flipping through SmartPak’s newest catalog I was intrigued by EquiFit’s AgSilver Clean Bucket. The AgSilver Clean Bucket is infused with ionic silver that helps control bacterial growth and bucket slime. According to EquiFit’s testing, one to two months time can lapse between bucket scrubbings and that during side to side tests horses preferred drinking out of the AgSilver Clean Bucket.

I was a tad skeptical but as I mentioned above I was also very intrigued, so I added one to my order of horse supplements and as soon as it arrived began testing it to see if their claims were accurate. I decided to try it in Awesome’s stall (IB Awesome, one of my dad’s cutting horses) because she is a hay dunker. She takes a bite of hay from her feeder and then walks over to her water bucket and dunks it in the water. As you can imagine her bucket is usually super gross and slimy and has to be dumped and scrubbed every day.

After five days her bucket remained clean and slime free once the hay filled water was dumped as opposed to her next door neighbor’s bucket (who is also a hay dunker), that has to be dumped and scrubbed everyday to remove the slime. After ten days the AgSilver Clean Bucket has remained slime free. It truly does live up to it’s claims.

However, the cost of the AgSilver Clean Bucket ($29.95) is pretty high compared to a normal horse bucket ($8.95). If you only have one or two horses that you board or are in training and you want to insure their water buckets stay clean then I would recommend buying the AgSilver Clean Bucket but to fill a whole barn with them may be a bit to expensive when you can just invest in a scrub brush. AgSilver Clean Bucket available at and

From The Saddle Ranking: 3 out of 3 Horseshoes


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