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Rockin The Fleece

We have had a much colder (and wetter) than normal winter this year. Which means my horse has spent a fair amount of time bundled up in his blanket. When the temperature dropped into the single digits I bought Woody a fleece blanket to wear under his extra thick winter blanket to keep him warm as well as to keep him from growing hair.

I bought the SmartPak Fleece Dress Sheet from www.smartpakequine.com in a size XL, Woody wears a size 84 blanket. It is made from very soft, polar fleece with traditional nylon webbing trim. It has a buckle front and a belly strap but it does not have back leg straps, it instead has d-rings on either side of his butt and a string that is supposed tie the back end shut over his tail.

I opted out of tying the back closed, afraid it would rub his tail and cause hair breakage and for this reason the blanket does not really stay put, it slides around quite a bit even though it is the correct size and the belly strap is adjusted properly. Since he mainly wears it as a blanket liner it works pretty well because his blanket does a good job of holding it in place. Although there are times it hangs crooked on him, hanging way out of his blanket on one side which prompts my mom to say he looks like a rapper who wears really baggy pants and lets his drawers hang out!

The SmartPak Fleece Dress Sheet washes and wears well and seems to be of very good quality. Overall I like the sheet but get annoyed at all the sliding around it does and wish it had legs straps. It also builds up a lot of static so you have to make sure to use fabric softener when you wash it. I am planning on ordering another fleece blanket from Norman Equine Design that looks like it might have a better fit and leg straps, I will keep you posted and let you know which I like better.

Woody wearing his SmartPak Fleece Dress Sheet

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